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Wasabi English!

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Professional Lessons

All lessons are planned and taught by me, Charles Troy, a trained elementary school teacher from the United States. I have a degree in elementary education from Northern Arizona University. I have been teaching children for 25 years. 19 years have been in Japan.

Learning First

Although we want students to have fun, learning is our number one priority. Students are challenged and expected to improve. Student progress is watched closely by spending time at the start of every lesson reviewing. If any student falls too far behind, we’ll work with you to help them catch up.

Fun/Safe Classroom

Our lessons are taught in our home. We have a special room we’ve made just for kids. There is a climbing wall that leads up to a loft. Students are allowed to play freely before lessons. Younger students play lots of games during lessons. This decreases as they get older, but we still try to use games to practice speaking as often as possible.